Andreas Johnson is definitely on his way. He was quoted from the airport in Amsterdam, where he's about to head over to Toronto to join the Marlies for the playoff run.


"No idea about the chances"

- I'm on my way and will play with the Marlies, yes. I'm in Amsterdam now, the skilled playmaking forward continues:

- I have no idea about the team's chances in the playoffs but I have heard that they are a very good team.

Yeah, they're not bad.

Where Johnson would fit on this stacked team that's seen natural centres move to wing just to get game time, we don't know, but it sure will be fun to find out.



As expected, Andreas Johnson already now for the AHL and Toronto Marlies. On the way. The text also on the way, http://gt.se/sport.He means Johnson is on his way as is his more complete report. We'll update you when we have more details.

Update: The Marlies have confirmed reports. Travis Dermott of the Erie Otters will also join the team.