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Leafs @ Sabres open thread

The Toronto Maple Leafs are in Buffalo to take on the Sabres for an April Fools' Tank Battle. Third Period The Sabres defeat the Leafs, 4-3. Tank! Tank! Tank! Second Period After two periods of play, the Leafs lead 3-2. JVR and Kadri scored for the Leafs. Buffalo got

Leafs take down the Senators, win 4-3 in overtime

The Toronto Maple Leafs win a game!

Marlies sign T.J. Foster to two-year AHL contract

Wait, he played CIS hockey?

Leafs show up late, lose 2-1 to Wild

The Toronto Maple Leafs played a hockey game at the Air Canada Centre against the Minnesota Wild tonight. They lost.

Leafs sign Casey Bailey from the NCAA to two-year deal

Please welcome Dale Lamontagne to the PPP team. Dale will be providing news updates and post-games for the site, and has contributed elsewhere, including for SB Nation's Pittsburgh and Arizona-affiliated sites.
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