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Leafs @ Sens: Three the Hard Way

Ok, we are tied after 2. GO LEAFS GO.

Leafs @ Sens: Second Period Style

Leafs leads 2-0 after 1. Goals from Kulemin and someone named Kadri? I think that's his name.

We've met, haven't we?

Leafs and Senators again in a dance that's getting a bit too familiar.  This is your period one game thread. Keep it cute or put it on mute. Dance track after the jump.

Sabres 3, Leafs 1. The Aftermath

Well, that wasn't too wonderful. Kulemin had a wonderful goal. But in the end the Sabres were everywhere and triumphed. It wasn't that brutal. We carry on. Post game reaction thread until a profession prepares a better recap.

Leafs @ Sabres: Three the Hard Way

After 2 periods the Leafs trails the Sabres 3-1. Though, how about Kulemin's goal? Wowsers.

Leafs @ Sabres: Second Period Style

End of 20 minutes and its 1-0 Buffalo. Which ain't no thang. Second Period, ahoy!

Hockey Saturdays

Another game! Be happy, hockey has returned. For better or worse, its back in our lives. It ties us all together, like a non-nuclear family of sorts. We all have something to talk about. We can pull our hoodies and jersey out of the closet and toss on our team

Maple Leafs 3 (4) Flyers 4 (3) SO (OT)

* Phil Kessel looked good again and scored two goals. Shame there's no replay in pre-season. * Tyler Bozak made a ridiculous pass to set up Versteeg's powerplay marker. * Two defensive breakdowns let a 3-1 leads slip away. * Dan Carcillo is scum. Wouldn't mind seeing him on the receiving end of a

Flyers @ Leafs: Three the Hard Way


Flyers @ Leafs: Second Period Style

Hey, a scoreless first isn't always a bad thing.

The Ruckus Will Be Brought

Keeping the truculence train rolling the Leafs take on the Flyers once again. Let's hope the fists are flying and the goals are being scored. This is your period one game thread. Keep it cute or put it on mute. Dance track! By the Eclectic Method is Daft Tron. Mp3

The Aftermath: Leafs: 4 Sens: 1.

That went rather well, yes? I do believe the Leafs displayed proper levels of truculence. All and all it was a great game and the team sure had a lot more fire under their skates tonight. Name your three stars.

Sens @ Leafs: Three the Hard Way

Its 4-1 Toronto and we still have another 20 minutes on the clock. Let's do this. GO LEAFS GO.

Sens @ Leafs: Second Period Style

WHAT DID I TELL YOU? After a fantastic first period of fists and goals, let's dive into two. This period brought to you by Zoolander. Hey Ottawa Hansel says, "taste my pain, bitch!" GO LEAFS GO. I can't hear you.

Let's call this a do-over

Once again the Leafs will face the Senators. Hopefully with better results this go. Though, after last night's disaster and a half, it won't take much for things to be an improvement. In the meanwhile, we can get acquainted with the fresh blood and learning the new numbers and bodies.

The Aftermath 5-0 Sens.

There were positive bits to be had. Versteeg! Hanson! But the scoreboard was sure ugly. Wanna bet that Ron Wilson is flipping out like Christian Bale right now? I'd eat popcorn and watch that all unfold. Keep your heads up, its not time for seppuku, ok? Find things you like.

Sens @ Leafs: Three the Hard Way

3-0 Sens. Say this in the voice of Jeremy Clarkson: This has not gone well. GO LEAFS GO.

Sens @ Leafs: Second Period Style

via i41.tinypic.com 2-0 Sens? I know, Doctor. I can't believe it either.

Let Me See Your Fancy Footwork

We are back in action! It's the start of the 2010-11 hockey season. How are you feeling? I didn't care what happened today. I was bouncing on my feet with delight. I was gleefully telling classmates "hockey starts tonight!" I got many strange looks. Newbies and lurkers: welcome to our

More Ice

Tim Brent is attractive. GET AT ME.

Fresh ice.

Intermission 1 2 3 Total Toronto Maple Leafs 1 1 Montreal Canadiens 2 2 Join the Game Thread Plz don't phone this in, Leafs.

From the ashes

So we have reached the end.I think this gif summarizes our season. We came in with all the hope, only to have it be snuffed out. No flowery or over the top language needed. Last game thread for the season. SPG.Keep it cute, or put it on mute.

Fresh Ice

Intermission 1 2 3 Total Toronto Maple Leafs 0 0 New York Rangers 3 3 Join the Game Thread

Our Hopes and Expectations

...Black holes and revelations. Perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This season is drawing to a close and then we will have a chance to take a break and watch as others enter the fray in the pursuit of the Stanley Cup. SPG picks. Keep

Leafs and Flyers: more thread

1 2 3 Total Philadelphia Flyers 1 0 1 Toronto Maple Leafs 0 0 0 Join the Game Thread Here you go.
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