via PPP Member TheNorris in today's FTB, a Sabres fan has some tickets to this years draft in Buffalofor sale on craigslist.

However, there are some rules:

I really wanted to go to this because I knew it would be my only chance to ever see an NHL Draft live (I've been a season ticket holder for 12 years). I was lucky enough to win tickets in the lottery BUT I found out the draft is the same weekend as our annual family trip to the Adirondacks. Arrgggh!!

But my loss is your gain. All you have to do is paypal or mail a check before June 20, and I'll leave the tickets at WILL CALL under the name "Go to Hell and Burn Forever You Crappy Leafs Fans With Your Rigged Draft Pick and Homer Reffing and Holier-Than-Thou Tankfest of a Season."

Or, if you want, I can mail them to you at "Why Don't You Get Off Your Freaking Leafs High Horse and Stop Acting Like the Lead in the Drama Queen Production of the League Owes Me Something."

Or, if it's more convenient, I could always hand over the tickets directly. I live right near Consumer's in West Seneca at the corner of "Do You Know Who's Getting These Tickets To Watch The Leafs Pick First? - Not You!" Avenue and "Actually, I Think I'll Just Burn These Tickets So You Can Watch From TV and See Where You Could Have Been Sitting" Parkway.

I don't think this fan is happy the Leafs are picking first overall. Or maybe still not over losing out on McDavid after the Sabres own blatant tank job.