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From the Branches: Auston Matthews wows Maple Leafs fans with first goal

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Ooooooh baby!

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Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The World Cup continues to produce some amazing hockey. Last night's Team North America vs. Team Russia game was bonkers, with lots of amazing plays and goals. In the first period the Russians looked lost trying to deal with the speed of players like Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews. Just look at this play.

Out in Winnipeg they call this kid "meh". That's what happens when you have eight jumbo slushies per day, kids.

By the way, there was another player who made several great plays last night too. He's not exactly a big name, but you may have heard of him before too: CHARLES NELSON REILLY!

The Russian coach has been heavily critiqued for maintaining a traditional game plan that does not maximize ice-time of his star players like Alex Ovechkin and Pavel Datsyuk. That finally did pay off for him in the second period. The Russian's experience allowed them to counter the speed of their opponents, and led to Team N.A. goalie Matt Murray getting shelled. Four different Team Russia players scored over the course of 6 minutes. Murray was pulled by Babcock in favour of John Gibson.

The game then got pretty chippy. Evgeny Kuznetsov and Nathan MacKinnon appeared to rekindle some animosity from times passed, and then this happened.

Team North America ultimately lost last night's game 4-3, despite a last minute push which included a shot off the post behind Sergei Bobrovsky. It was a really good game.

Then we have tonight's main event: USA vs. Canada. This game is going to be amazing. Due to the surprising victories by Team Europe, John Tortorella and company now face elimination at the hands of Sidney Crosby and friends. Could it get any better?

Team Canada isn't tanking any chances, though.  In the words of Mike Babcock, he expects the Americans to be "desperate."

I will be at the Fan Village again tonight and I hope to see you there! We can bother my friends at the Sonnet both and make more weird posters. Don't forget there is very limited seating, so be prepared to stand for the whole game. They have a lot of ticket giveaways in the third period (conveniently after many people have already left). Last night they also gave out signed sticks and jerseys.

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