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From the Branches: A Sidney Crosby controversy

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The Caps defeated the Penguins last night in OT after Crosby left the game

Washington Capitals v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game Six
One year ago....
Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

You know the hockey season is drawing to a close when there is only one NHL game each night.

The big story from last night’s game is Sidney Crosby. He was taken out of the game by a cross check to the head from ex-Penguin Matt Niskanen.

The Pittsburgh hockey media, barely coherent at the best of times, went completely unhinged into full on conspiracy theory territory. Was it the Capitals plan all along to take out Crosby? Did Alex Ovechkin orchestrate this all with help from Vladimir Putin?

I hope you’re prepared for the non-stop Crosby coverage for the next 24 hours. We’re in the vague “no update” era of hockey injury coverage now, which means all kinds of scenarios will be floated and debated, no matter how improbable.

For the record, it was Kevin Shattenkirk who scored the game winning goal. That should add another million or so to his next contract, and it’s not like the rest Caps were playing their ‘A’ game.

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Other News

On tonight’s schedule: Senators @ Rangers; Blues @ Predators.

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[Species: An interesting quirk reflecting the reality of modern pro-sports and finance is that you can now buy an insurance policy related to the impact of a late-season injury on your draft order selection. I would love to know what is the deductible/premium paid to obtain this coverage.]

And how have I never seen this before?