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FTB: All is quiet on the Nylander front

While we await the Maple Leafs to strike a deal with William Nylander, get ready for our Top 25 Under 25.

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It’s that time of year again. The famous PPP Top 25 Under 25 kicks-off with a preview of what’s to come this morning.

Obviously, not much else is happening with the Leafs right now. We are waiting for them to work out a deal with William Nylander. In the mean time, take a look at what else we have found for you to read while you wait.


Here’s what we wrote about yesterday.

The basics on NHL contract bonuses - Katya
How do bonuses on NHL contracts work, and in bonus content: what’s a contract slide?

Nylander is the last player who will bite into the Leafs cap space - Katya
Or so it seems right now. How much will be left over when his contract is signed in case the Leafs want to add another player?

Women’s Hockey Wednesday: New developments in China for Kunlun Red Star - Nafio and Annie
The Vanke Rays are no more. News from the IIHF High Performance Camp and lots of signings in both the CWHL and NWHL.

Other News

Growlers already have plenty of players, we just don’t know their names - The Telegram
Trickle-down effect (and bit of math) means you can already count on the Maple Leafs’ organization sending a lot of players.

MLSE exec Hopkinson takes ‘magical’ job with Real Madrid - Toronto Sun
[Species: Hopkinson discusses how he found out about the role (a secret phone call from a third-party) and what it means to work for a global brand.]

Commissioner Brenda Andress to leave CWHL - The Ice Garden
Andress has been the only commissioner in the history of the league

Getting to Know Sabres defenseman Lawrence Pilut - Die By The Blade
The Buffalo Sabres signed the SHL Defenseman of the Year to a two-year entry-level contract. Here is what the Leafs can expect to see playing against him next season.

Secret Life of an Autistic Stripper - Narratively
[Species: this is a good long read]

Before she left the lap dance area, she turned around and said, “And quit this nice girl bullshit. You sound like a child. Don’t try so hard to be someone you’re not, just be a hyped-up version of yourself.”

As she sauntered off, she looked back once more, “I’m Claire by the way.”

Her words wounded me, but I was impressed. She saw right through my mask. The rambling girl at my sister’s house was a distant memory, but, strangely, Claire must have seen who I was before I tried so hard to appear normal.