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FTB: Get hyped for hockey again

The NHL season will start up sooner than you think.

Christian Bonin -

It’s peak summer and hockey seems so far away. One of our loyal readers has made something to help you get through these dog days of summer:

2018-19 Pump Up/Hype Video - "The Boys Are Back" - Michael Mazzei

It’s actually not that far away to hockey time. The Rookie Showcase games are in only three weeks, though if you haven’t heard yet it will be in Laval this year instead of at Ricoh Coca-Cola Coliseum.

Enjoy the rest of your summer as it will be over in the blink of an eye. And there’s no better way to enjoy it then with us! You can look forward to our meetup on Saturday August 25th! The details of precisely what time of day, and where in Toronto are still being worked out. Suggestions for a place for food and drink are welcome in this thread.

Our Top 25 Under 25 series will continue today at 9:00 a.m. with a player who may make his NHL debut at some point this season, but you likely have not seen outside of a few Marlies games. You know it’s not Calle Rosen as we had him on the board yesterday at #14.


Here’s what we wrote about yesterday.

Who was the best player drafted in 2009? - Katya
This is totally not a trick question.

Women’s Hockey Wednesday: How to watch Canada vs USA women’s series - nafio and Annie
Plus Natalie Darwitz to join the US Hall of Fame and Sara Benz hangs up her skates.

Other News

Andrej Sekera Out Indefinitely - The Copper & Blue
"This will allow the Oilers to go above the cap by 5.5 Million dollars after the season starts." [Species: something they will no doubt do and then still not make it to the playoffs.]

Testing the hot take: is Staal better than Toews at their current salary?- Canes Country
Is "Jordan Staal cheaper than Jonathan Toews" a reasonable statement to make? Let’s check it out.

Ducks Sign Kase to 3-Year Contract - Anaheim Calling
[Species: His on ice results made a vey good case to get paid.]