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Remembrance Day FTB: Leafs lose, but Willy and Auston are magic

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Willy and Auston are heating up right when the Leafs need them the most

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Armistice Day 2019 Photo by Andrew Milligan/PA Images via Getty Images

Today is November 11th, making it Remembrance Day in many countries around the world. This year, in Canada the day will be partially derailed due to controversial comments made Saturday night by one man.

In hockey, Remembrance Day has a lot of meaning. There is a fascinating history of hockey players involved in wars. I happen to have some friends and family who formerly or are currently serving in the military in some capacity. I might have opinions on wars and military in general, but there was a line in the show NCIS that’s always stuck with me about that: you don’t have to support war to support the men and women who fight in them.

War can be a very divisive topic in normal circumstances. Remembrance Day, to me, is always a day where we can separate the difficult realities of war to give special thanks to people who gave up so much during pivotal moments in history.


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Ending the day with the kind of quality content we all deserve.

Never separate them, Babs.