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FTB: Here come the prospects

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The Maple Leafs prospects and some invited guests are playing hockey today.

There is hockey today! A group of Maple Leafs are heading to Traverse City, Michigan to play in the Traverse City Prospect Tournament.

The news yesterday was that Joseph Woll is out of the tournament thanks to a broken finger.

There will allegedly be some kind of streaming option, but I haven’t seen details yet. In any case... hockey!

Other News

Auston Matthews talked about a whole pile of things, including his mustache, at the NHL Media day.

NHL replaces partner in player, puck tracking - ESPN
The NHL replaced Jogmo World Corp. as its primary technology partner, but commissioner Gary Bettman said the change won't derail plans to get puck and player tracking ready for the 2019-20 postseason.

NHLPA weighing risks of poking the bear - TSN
In this case, that bear is commissioner Gary Bettman and the NHL’s Board of Governors.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman tries on new role: Peacemaker | National Post
There might be a labour war brewing between the NHL and the NHL Players Association, but you wouldn't know it by listening to Bettman.

Kendall Coyne Schofield joins the San Jose Sharks broadcast team - Fear The Fin
...Broadcast team