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Thursday’s FTB: The Maple Leafs New Years resolutions

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There’s a lot to work on.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Atlanta Thrashers
I love these old blue Jets* jerseys.
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It’s finally 2020, the year we’ve all been excited to enter for one reason or another, and traditionally we make resolutions for the year ahead. Sometimes they’re as simple as trying to be more courteous while walking down the street or it could be bigger, such as quitting smoking or not clipping your toenails on the streetcar, Dave.

Over the New Years break I took a trip to Toronto and a tour of the Scotiabank Arena was on the list. We stopped by the Leafs dressing room and I was able to see their New Years resolution board - no photos were allowed in the room but I did jot down a few of the key resolutions:

Mitch Marner - Keep up his Rogaine treatments on his face so he can one day grow a beard for the playoffs.

Frederik Andersen - Remain the best dressed Maple Leaf in the locker room.

Auston Matthews - Score his first hat trick on home ice.

John Tavares - Now that he’s a dad, he needs to eat a proper adult breakfast of regular shredded wheat, rather than the crazy frosted mini-wheats of his youth.

William Nylander - Continue to drive the internet (and Freddie) crazy with wacky outfits, even though he would one day like to just come to work in a plain grey suit.

Cody Ceci - Not be noticeable for like, one game. Please.

Brendan Shanahan - Work up the courage to ask the MLSE board to replace the ice making equipment. It was nostalgic to use the stuff from Maple Leafs Gardens, but maybe it’s time to buy something built this century.

Ilya Mikheyev - Start a sock puppet Instagram account rating soups at Toronto restaurants.

Do you have anything you’re working on this year?

This is my first FTB in a month, so bear with me here, things could be old.

Mackinaw Stats takes an off beat look at the Leafs season so far.

Dubas did good.

The Leafs are really enjoying being able to call players up again.

The Sharks also have a new coach who’s using players in new ways.

Now tell is what colour the sky is Sheldon?

Finally there’s a lot of good hockey to watch if you haven’t returned to work yet.

This morning the World Juniors quarter finals happen:

6:30AM - Russia vs Switzerland

9:00 AM - Canada vs Slovakia

11:30 AM - USA vs Finland

2PM - Sweden vs Czech Republic

Then at 8PM the Maple Leafs take on the Winnipeg Jets* in Winnipeg. Hopefully they aren’t too cramped up after the long bus ride in Fargo.

Happy New Year everyone, and enjoy your day!