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Thursday FTB: Everyone found their pens

Contracts are getting signed because no one really wants arbitration.

Calgary Flames v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Good morning! It’s August 4, and there’s over a month until the start of training camp, and I guess everyone wanted to go on vacation.

Meanwhile in ongoing news from the changing the culture front:

This is both encouraging, and a little worrying that this video was made. If you’ve ever heard prospects talk about their cooking classes in exactly the same tone of earnest appreciation, well...

Maybe I’m just

Antiques Of Qing Dynasty On Display At Drouot Estimations In Paris Photo by Li Yang/China News Service via Getty Images


Because the real power brokers are waiting to see which way the wind will blow:

Now enough of that. I must tell you that by reading this post, you are legally required to vote in the T25 Community Vote:

And if you feel like thinking over your mental model of the game, the way you seat of the pants (or by using some body part in that area) adjust results in your head:

Happy Thursday, everyone, and try to make hockey better than you found, in even the smallest way.