Good morning Toronto Maple Leafs fans!

So we had some big news yesterday when we received the schedule for our newest team, the PWHL Toronto TBA's!

PWHL releases full schedule
Toronto looks to play all their home games at home.

So the TBA's will be playing at the former Maple Leafs Gardens, the Mattamay Athletic Centre which hosts the Toronto Metropolitan University hockey teams.

With the schedule comes more news, like season ticket prices. Of course the TBA's are giving the highest price to some of the worst seats: on the glass.

This is one of the little things about our beloved game that rankles me.

They are some of the worst seats for 90% of the game. When the action is in front of you it can't be beat, but then it's obstructed a lot of the rest of the time.

They sound like they should be the best, like courtside at a basketball game, but the glass, stanchions, benches, penalty boxes, goalie all get in the way depending on where you are. They're the glamour seats but not great for watching the game.

What you want in an NHL rink is mid level of the lower bowl or front row of the upper, centre ice. You have a great view of the whole rink, and the only obstruction is the people who get up and walk around DURING PLAY.

That's a rant for another time.

I've sat rinkside plenty of times, so I speak from experience. Heck my first ever NHL game was on the glass for Panthers at Sabres in 96. Seeing Hasek up close was amazing but couldn't see much down the other end.

Also seeing this team on the glass in 2017, when we were fighting for a playoff sport was excellent but I paid for neither of those games so I won't complain much.

I will give one compliment to my local OHL team. They get ticket pricing, in that seasons seats for the top half of the bowl cost more than the lower half. That's the way.

Here's some other things to chat about.

Another shootout win for the Leafs:

Hat trick for Bubble Boy Mitch, plus the shootout winner
Mitch Marner in his bubble helmet scored all three goals in regulation for the Toronto Maple Leafs, and then scored in the shootout to salvage two points on his night. The Leafs were out-shot 83-51 in the game, including 40-29 on net, they were out-played for two full periods and

The Calgary Flames traded defender Nikita Zadorov to the Vancouver Canucks.

Our instant reaction to the Vancouver Canucks acquiring Nikita Zadorov: Canucks Conversation
<p style=“font-weight: 400;”><span style=“font-weight: 400;”>On today’…

The Pittsburgh Penguins have a goalie goal!

Hockey Canada gets about one serious complaint a day.

Hockey Canada says almost 1,900 maltreatment complaints received in 2022-23 | CBC Sports
Hockey Canada says a new independent third-party complaint mechanism received information on almost 1,900 potential cases of maltreatment during its first season.

PWHL camp cuts are out and the waiver wire has opened.

Finally, Morgan Rielly is climbing his way up the Leafs game played list. By the end of this contract he'll be number one by a wide margin.

Way to go Mo!

Enjoy your day everyone!