Seriously that's all I can say about it.

I'm going to link to yesterday's FTB, if you took the day off from the site, you'll want to read the memsplanations. It turned out to be a lot of fun. Also, I said when I suggested the topic that I would collect it into a page to put up on the site, so I guess I have a job to do!

FTB: Memsplaination
What do the things we say mean? Help us become less confused.

This likely should be called Memesplanation, but I spelled the other way at first, but... no one said you had to be able to spell here at POP.

I feel like I'm alone on an island with my dissatisfaction with the new Max Domi third line. Why are the Leafs making this effort to give this line competition they can stand up to on the off chance that there's a team left that hasn't figured out Domi's shooting is never dangerous, and he will pass to Robertson most of the time?

It's working! They have good xG and GF%. Yup. I know that, and I still hate it. It's better than playing Domi in the top six, and I still hate it. It just seems so one-trick, so limited, so obvious, so easy to defend. Maybe we'll be lucky and I'm wrong about this. But that teenager Boston has stole their lunch money with ease.

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The PWHL is holding a training camp scrimmage session in Utica. This helps them get set for the season, but also helps Utica get set to host the Women's Worlds next year.

Let the scrimmages begin: PWHL gathers in Upstate New York with final cuts on horizon | CBC Sports
By the end of the pre-season evaluation camp, general managers will have to make some tough decisions, as they move toward the Dec. 11 deadline to finalize rosters.

Convince me the Domi line is great, everyone. And have a good Monday.