On Saturday March 7 last year, the Marlies played their last game at Coca-Cola Coliseum. Today, they play their first home game of this season against the Manitoba Moose.

With the Leafs on the road, some changes were made to the NHL roster, affecting the players available to the Marlies. Chief among them the plan is to play Alex Galchenyuk in his first-ever minor-league hockey games.

The Marlies also named their first captain since Ben Smith is 2017-2018:

Clune, who essentially had to play every game this season so far with players in quarantine, has two goals already. He had four points in only 16 games last year, but he’s also on his sixth season with the team.

The Marlies game goes at 7 tonight, and if you have what used to be called Leafs TV, you can watch it:

AHL Live is also available for purchase if you want to follow the Marlies this season.

At 10 p.m., the Leafs hit the ice, with likely Michael Hutchinson (speaking of Marlies) in net. When the Leafs lines are posted, you’ll be updated.