It’s game night again! It feels like we do this every other day or so.

Preview is here:

Jake Muzzin news and Leafs v Flames Series 2 preview

This game is on TSN4 and Sportsnet West at 7 pm.

They must have sat and thought about that one for a while.

Here’s a fun thing:

Typical Matthews — lots of goals, few misses, mostly wrist shots with the occasional slapper. William Nylander is the only player on the Leafs who comes close to that level of ixG/60.

Travis Dermott and Mikko Lehtonen both with a big opportunity tonight with Jake Muzzin out of the game. But wait there’s more!

And the Flames are doing things:

And here’s why:

David Rittich will start for them.


Super line! Hero of song and story....

Go Leafs Go!