Toronto Maple Leafs @ Buffalo Sabres
07:00 PM at KeyBank Center
Watch on: MSG-B, SNO

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Preview: Maple Leafs @ Buffalo Sabres
Leafs get to play a bad team coming off a tough loss. What could go wrong?

Samsonov vs Levi in net.

Sabres have activated Skinner and Greenway, and are operating with 24 players under the Roster Freeze rules where as long as you don't exceed the cap, you can have more than 23 players due to an activation from injury if you don't have any emergency recall players to send down.

Any team complaining about this rule is one that hasn't read the CBA and/or thinks the CBA is there to make it harder to play good players more. It's amazing to consider GMs are doing the it's not faaaaaiiiiiir think like a three year old on Christmas morning.

Insider Trading on TSN is teasing that there are talks ongoing with the Leafs and William Nylander, no one is worried. Everyone wants the same outcome, etc. etc. Don't hold your breath for a Christmas contract is my advice.

Go Leafs Go!