Toronto Maple Leafs @ Nashville Predators
07:00 PM at Bridgestone Arena
Watch on: NHLN, CBC, BSSO

I wonder if the Nashville fans will complain about a 6pm start or if they're just totally used to it?

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Preview: Leafs in Nashville
One more stop to make before the Leafs come home.

And on this occasion of the end of a roadtrip in Nashville, you get one of my favourite songs, that's about the grind of the road, the price of fame, paying your dues and the ways you cope with all of the above. But mostly it slyly asks if you're sure these new bad things you see all around you are really new. Because, yes, actually Hank totally did do it that way.

Hush now if you don't like country music. Go find the Morrisey version.