The Leafs are in Carolina to play the Canes, and to celebrate Andreas Johnsson’s birthday while they’re there. Maybe he could get some goals for himself tonight or fight a Finn, whatever.

The preview is here for you:

Game Preview: Maple Leafs head south as first place is in reach

And if you’re anxious waiting for the game, you can read some first-quarter analysis of the team:

First Quarter Report: Is this the same old Leafs?

Or get an update on the headline-stealing prospect Ian Scott:

North American prospect report: Ian Scott should start for the Leafs

Since tomorrow is False Thanksgiving, you get a holiday food poll tonight:

Which holiday has the best food?

Valentine’s Day: Chocolate all day long.0
Easter: Chocolate without the relationship angst4
Hanukkah: Fried food, baby.5
New Year’s Eve: Booze is a food.15
Diwali: Sugar in all its forms.1
Actual Thanksgiving: Far enough away from Christmas, you don’t mind that it’s just a turkey dinner.33
Christmas: It’s pretty much all of the above.127

Now go, Leafs, fight some Finns. Er, I mean, go.