Tampa Bay Lightning @ Toronto Maple Leafs‌‌
07:00 PM at Scotiabank Arena‌‌

Preview: Maple Leafs vs Lightning Game Two
The Toronto Maple Leafs are down 1-0 in their first round series vs Tampa Bay. What can we expect in game two?

The Lightning have the Leafs right where they want 'em. But maybe that's exactly where the Leafs want to be. Or maybe exactly where they want to be is exactly where the Leafs have been all along. Or maybe the players are the friends we made along the way. Or maybe the point of hockey is to be sad in a group and that's exactly how we like it. Or maybe a leaf fell into the second round in a forest but no one was there to hear it. Or maybe the matrix developers didn't finish making the Leafs in the second round yet and are just going to push it into the next version of the game, but that game is like GTA 6 and is never going to come out. Or maybe

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