This is your Maple Leafs vs the Ottawa Senators in pictures.

Intern learning the ropes:

Bunting opens the scoring:

Mr Nylander:

Mr Samsonov:

Z goal:

Really shows you that if you go out there and grind for 3 seconds, you too can get an NHL goal for the Leafs.

Cam Talbot came in for Mads Sogaard in the third.

Leafs aren't shooting in the third, but they are doing this:

Luke Schenn checking in:

Miroslav's dad again:

Miroslav (Cyrillic script: Мирослав) (also see: Polish Mirosław) is a Slavic masculine name meaning 'one who celebrates peace, one who celebrates the world'.

Schenn's ENG attempt was stopped, but he hit Brady Tkachuk for real.

Leafs win 3-0.