It’s time again to take the temperature of your feelings about the Leafs goalies. This is not a post full of analysis, and if you want statistics, you’ll need to go find them yourselves. This is all about the emo.

First, the depth chart:

  1. Frederik Andersen (turns 32 this fall) - four starts in March after sitting out the final week of February with a minor injury, has 20 appearances in total
  2. Jack Campbell (just turned 29) - nearing return from another injury, has three starts this season after six for the Leafs last year
  3. Aaron Dell - claimed on waivers, never played for the Leafs has one conditioning start in the AHL, and three for the Devils
  4. Michael Hutchinson - five starts for the Leafs this year
  5. Joe Woll (turns 23 this summer) - hasn’t played in the AHL since March 11, 2020 and is still on the Taxi Squad
  6. Ian Scott - injured again, and has not played this season or last
  7. Artur Akhtyamov - Got a shutout the other day in junior hockey, followed up with a .871, and is not under contract, but draft rights are indefinite

Is that a good enough roster of depth, considering one of them is on another team, one is injured and one is a kid in junior?

Is there enough goalie depth?

Absolutely not645
It’s okay for now638
It’s fine, the top two are the only ones that matter222

Does Jack Campbell’s age and/or injury history give you pause when considering him for next season in a bigger role?

Are you worried about Jack Campbell’s age/injury history?

Injuries, yes682
Age, yes23
Both of those219

Should Kyle Dubas re-sign Frederik Andersen?

Should Dubas re-sign Frederik Andersen?

Absolutely not321
If they can’t find anything better, and he takes a cheap short deal and if he.... um, no586
Yes, do it now125

Should Dubas flip a pick to the Devils and get Dell back?

Should Dubas get Dell back?

I can look up stats, so no959
Playoff depth matters, so yes275

Is there any way Dubas should consider trading now for someone other than just Dell? (Why isn’t there an overpriced goalie nicknamed Mac so I can make a joke here, when we’re all crying about this team?)

Should Dubas consider getting someone better than Dell now?

No, definitely not229
Depends who, depends how much, but maybe729
Yes, please, someone who can be better than the best goalie in the NHL - occasionally258

Do goalies just make you scream?

Your scream level is...

Totally chill181