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Trade Prices: Which is the outlier?

Did the Sabres get taken or did Dubas?

Will the Maple Leafs make a big trade?

A temperature check on our expectations ahead of the trade deadline.

How do you like the Leafs goalies now?

It’s time to answer some poll questions.

Should the Leafs trade for Sam Bennett?

A player was healthy scratched, so he must be Toronto bound, right?

Temperature Check: are you hot or cold on the Leafs goalies?

It’s never too early to have goalie opinions.

Aaron Dell and the Maple Leafs opening night roster

Three goalies and 18 skaters are the team for now.

Ranking the North Division

The great white north fights it out for four playoff spaces this year.

NHL could become an all-American league in 2021

You loved the all-Canada division idea, what about this all-USA NHL plan?

What do you think of hockey with no fans?

Do you miss the people banging on the glass?

Alexis Lafreniere is not a defenceman

Which seems to be a problem for people, even in just imagining him on the Leafs.

Would you trade for Rasmus Ristolainen?

What if I offered you a really sweet deal?

Why I’m a fan of junior hockey

This is probably the only good thing Eugene Melnyk has done hockey wise.

Why I am a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs

Come re-live my dark past with me

New NHL All-Star Game format; which Leafs would play for the Atlantic?

With the new All-Star format coming out, would any of the Maple Leafs be a fit on the team?

Nazem Kadri's "Struggles", Brayden Schenn "Excels"

Has Nazem Kadri really "struggled" to make the NHL? In some ways yes - but for the most part he's been right on track.

Should the Leafs trade Phil Kessel?

With Brian Burke being ousted from the organization and the inability of the Leafs to address two long-standing issues (goaltending and skill down the middle), should new GM Dave Nonis look to trade Phil Kessel and other pieces if the Leafs miss the playoffs for an 8th consecutive season?

Reasonable Expectations: Dave Nonis

The Toronto Maple Leafs' new GM Dave Nonis will be taking over a team in flux. What do you expect him to achieve?

James van Riemsdyk at Centre: Place Your Bets

This year at Leafs training camp a highly touted young winger will line up at centre for the Leafs in their ongoing quest to find the elusive #1C. In December of 2010, his first second season with the Maple Leafs, Phil Kessel was switched to playing C in an attempt

A Call For Questions

As the blogging world lays siege to the ivory towers of professional journalism (and the dinosaurs therein), there are periodically some noble and righteous men and women caught in the crossfire. You see, it is with great zeal that we, of PPP Amalgamated Heavy Industries and Kitten Ranch LLC, attack

Where Will The Leafs Finish In 2011-2012?

Now it is time for the big prediction. The one that will label you as an ardent homer, a hopeless cynic, or something entirely else come April. Jonathan Willis looked at what the fantasy annuals were saying about the Maple Leafs' playoff hopes. TSN has the Leafs slotted into

What Will James Reimer's Save Percentage Be In 2011-2012?

It's not an exaggeration to say that the Toronto Maple Leafs' season rests entirely on the shoulders on James Reimer. As he came out of the woodwork in the second half of the season, fans became obsessed with the quiet spoken goalie with the exciting comparables. Most

How Many Questions of the Day Will PPP Post Today?

By now you've probably already voted on how many points Nazem Kadri will get and how long Ron Wilson will last. Here's your chance to vote on how many times PPP will accidentally post articles he writes in advance on the same day. Friendly reminder: I

How Many Games Will Ron Wilson Last In 2011-2012?

In case you missed it, Michael Langlois of Vintage Leafs Memories, Darren Yourk, and James Mirtle and I put together a podcast previewing the upcoming Leafs' season. Aside from being hilariously out of date a mere 20 minutes after taping it (thanks David Steckel), one topic that was touched

How Many Points Will Nazem Kadri Get In 2011-2012?

Nazem Kadri, taken with the 7th overall pick in the 2008 NHL Draft, is still young. However, that has not stopped speculation that the Leafs may have begun to approach the end of the line with Kadri: But more and more, it appears that there are serious concerns with whether
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