Yesterday, Kyle Dubas met the media, and talked trading in a very forthright way.

Kyle Dubas speaks at the halfway point of the season

The video is included in that post, but for those who like to read, MLHS has you covered:

Kyle Dubas on the trade deadline: Willing to part with a top prospect, comfortable with rentals, trade talks focused around forward help so far | Maple Leafs Hotstove

I think Dubas’s remarks sounded like a plea to the GMs of the NHL to call him, call him now, and make him a good offer, not their junk third-liner for a high price. He needs to upend the traditional timing of the trade deadline because he doesn’t want a player joining the Leafs two weeks after April 12. He wants that person in Toronto now, where even in quarantine, they can be discussing things with staff.

But a big deal has a big price. And he said he’d trade a top prospect (for the right return went unsaid, but we should all take that as read). So how high up the prospect ladder are you willing to go for a good player back?

How big a prospect are you willing to lose?

Filip Hållander is fine242
Timothy Liljegren can go364
Rodion Amirov is my limit325
Nick Robertson for the right return179
I would even trade Rasmus Sandin, it’s total go for it time355

Considering making a big deal and actually doing it are two different things. What do you actually expect.

What do you expect in a trade?

Johnny Gaudreau or Filip Forsberg248
Taylor Hall or Mattias Ekholm424
Andreas Johnsson with full retention46
Mikael Granlund305
Eric Staal83
Some even more boring than that284

Almost any deal requires some cap space to be made. How high up the ladder are you willing to go on removing someone from the roster? Most people just say Alexander Kerfoot, like he doesn’t actually do anything on the team, and they leave it at that.

Are you comfortable with that? Or would you be okay with that if the player coming back is a centre?

Moving Kerfoot is on everyone’s mind, is that wise?

Yes, he adds nothing309
The Leafs are always weak at centre, so it seems like a bad move249
If a centre comes back, it’s fine730

How do you expect to feel the day after the deadline?

After the deadline I will feel...

Like the Leafs are ready to roll over everyone125
Really fed up with the salary cap198
Annoyed about the Marner contract108
Like Nazem Kadri is who the Leafs need276
All of the above269
Whelmed, I expect to feel whelmed187
Fire Dubas!89