Sportsnet posted a story where the author expressed his opinion that the Leafs should trade for Rasmus Ristolainen. A cynical person might call that click bait, and it might be. But there is a constituency of fans and media who keep saying this because Risto shoots right and is a defenceman they have heard of, and Buffalo doesn’t want him. Yes, it is weird that we’re supposed to have a use for a guy Buffalo doesn’t want and who isn’t a goalie prospect. But that’s hockey, and name recognition is everything.

You can make up your own minds about how valuable Ristolainen would be to the Leafs. I don’t care about that exactly, I want to know if there is a deal that would get you to say yes to a trade.

For reference, Ristolainen turns 26 this fall, and has two more years on his six-year contract at $5.4 million in AAV. There is one signing bonus, due whenever they will be paid this summer, of $1 million, and in all other years his salary equals the AAV, making this a very unusual contract by today’s standards.

So, now to the question: What’s your threshold on this deal.

Would you trade the following for Rasmus Ristolainen

An NHL roster forward making over $3 million and a 4th round pick197
Just the NHL player making over $3 million63
An NHL roster forward making less than $3 million and a 5th round pick40
Just the player making less than $3 million14
Frederik Gauthier and a sixth-round pick89
Jeremy Bracco and a seventh-round pick120
Just Bracco43
Just a seventh-round pick16
Any of the above if the Sabres retain 50%225
Sign him to more than $1 million after the Sabres buy him out105
Sign him to minimum salary after the Sabres buy him out127
None of the above148