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Maple Leafs' Top 25 Under 25: Nikita Zaitsev debuts at No. 6

Nikita Zaitsev enters the NHL as the Toronto Maple Leafs' sixth-ranked player in the T25U25.

The Big Ice #2

Thursday Night Event To Talk Hockey

Hockey Analytics: Why They Help And What's Coming Next

As we head into the next phase of the Hockey Analytics Revolution what is ahead on the horizon and why?

The Case For Cody Franson

Many have argued - and continue to - that Franson is going to be "overpaid" in a year. Is that valid?

What is dCorsi and how does it help us account for "context"?

I've been making use of dCorsi for a long time and have yet to put together any sort of formal discussion around it's value, derivation or usefulness. Let's fix that....

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

Does an inability to fact check run in the Simmons family?

Randy Carlyle Coaching Myths - Over A Year Later

A trip down memory lane revisits a look Randy Carlyle vs. Ron Wilson and shot distance from way back in February of 2013.

Coincidence vs. Causation, Tyler Bozak, And Defensive Play

Much of what you observe while watching a game is coincidental rather than causal but that's not how much of it will be conveyed.

Trying To Predict The Maple Leafs' February Results

Well - January was almost a complete flop in terms of Expected Results - let's see how February works out

Trying To Predict The Leafs' Record In January

Another stab at predicting the Leafs upcoming results

The Great Carlyle-ac: Predicting The Leafs' Record Until 2014

For a fun exercise, here's a look at the Toronto Maple Leafs' projected results using the log5 method first devised by Bill James.

The Leafs' Penalty Kill Isn't Broken - Your Expectations Might Be

The problem of late with the Toronto Maple Leafs' penalty kill isn't necessarily that it is struggling but that our expectations may have been out of line.

Evaluating Defensive Performance Among The NHL's Defencemen

A look at which defencemen are exceeding defensive expectations after a quarter of the 2013-14 season has been played with a focus on the Toronto Maple Leafs' defence

Tyler Bozak is an awful top 6 center and here’s why

The Leafs (and Randy Carlyle) may have the worst top 6 C selection of any NHL franchise - but Nazem Kadri could be the solution to that problem. *Updated with FANCY NEW NUMBERS*

Same Same But Different

The Leafs goaltending is the main reason they're winning hockey games (so far).

Theoretical Goaltending Aging Curve

What trends can we draw out of the SV% data we have since 1984

Takeaways and Giveaways Going Rate

An attempt to fix a fundamental flaw in a counting stat the advanced stat community has looked down on a for a while

Advanced Stats Take On Grit - RGI

What did Ricardo uncover with his Grit Index? Let's find out!

Realistic Expectations For David Clarkson

What sort of range of production makes sense for the Leafs incoming $5.25 mill a year "saviour"?

Making Use of New Ideas - dCorsi

How can dCorsi help us identify player comparables?

SDI v2.1 - Shut Down Index 2012-13 - Part 2

The 2nd part of the analysis of SDI v2.1 discusses specific outcomes for the Leafs, shows you the top players from the past 6 years, and links to the data set for the entire NHL for you to explore for yourself.

SDI v2.1 - Shut Down Index 2012-13 - Part 1

The continuing evolution of the Shut Down Index is broken down in this series of postings explaining the analytics at work in assessing defenders.

What Statistics Are Meaningful In A Given Season?

What numbers really matter when you're worrying about the success of your team?

The Toronto Star Is Almost As Bad As Nonis And Carlyle

The joke is that they sincerely think Tyler Bozak is worth $5 million per year... no seriously... they do... I'm not kidding.

NHL Draft 2013: Andreas Johnson - 7th Round 202nd Overall

With their final pick of the 2013 Draft the Leafs selected this speedy Swedish winger
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