Today the Russian Ice Hockey Federation announced their long list for their World Junior Championship camp which is set to open on November 29 in Novogorsk.

I’ll get you the English tweet when they post it, but see if you can find the Leafs prospects on the list.

Here we go, the English to help you out with spot the prospect:

Maple Leafs prospects Rodion Amirov, Mikhail Abramov and Artur Akhtyamov are all on the list, although they are all with their teams still, Abramov in Quebec, and the other two in the KHL. These names are as expected, and it’s likely all three make the cut, but because of the “rapidly evolving situation” as my grocery store like to call it to avoid saying COVID-19, the procedures for this WJC are different from in the past.

The entire tournament will be played in a bubble, largely based on the NHL playoff format, in Edmonton. Getting the teams there involves the following, courtesy of Julie Robenhymer:

This tight test to flight timeline will be why you will see, in the coming days, a very long list of Finns named to their camp.

There’s more to her thread on Twitter about Team Canada (who cares about them) and some other procedures, as well.

There are some pre-tournament games in mid-December, and the event opens on Christmas Day.