Today marks the first day waivers can be used, and the Leafs are using them:

Meanwhile, Kossila was loaned to the DEL a few weeks ago, has played two games for EHC München and there he is up there in the photo in their jersey.

Waivers begin today
Maple Leafs loan Kalle Kossila to the DEL

I’m not sure what’s up with the waivers unless this is the contract termination kind, and he wants to play in Europe all season. That seems most plausible to me. If so, good luck to you, Kalle, and sorry injuries meant we never got to know you.

Update: A little clarity on this overlapping seasons and waivers issue was provided today regarding someone else:

Kossila was signed by the Maple Leafs in the summer of 2019 to a two-year deal. Meant to be a depth call-up option, instead injuries have limited him to 12 games on the Marlies, most of those early in the season.

Kossila had a Finnish career as a youngster before moving to St. Cloud State and getting good results there. He has had a mixed AHL and NHL season since, marred by some concussions and other injuries lately. He has never played a full NHL or AHL season since leaving college.

He is 27, on an expiring contract, and will be a UFA in the offseason.