In a move that was expected when the Leafs withdrew Kasperi Kapanen from the AHL All-Star Game roster, they have officially added him back to the NHL roster.

Earlier today, it was reported that Nikita Zaitsev is nearing a return to the lineup.

Before Kapanen was called up, the Leafs had 24 players with three on IR. Now that’s 25 and three. So there is room to add only one more player without a corresponding move. If that’s going to be Zaitsev, then perhaps Morgan Rielly needs more time. If it’s Rielly who is ready, then maybe Zaitsev needs a few days.

But either way, at some point the seams on this roster will burst and someone will explode out and have to be sent back to the AHL.

And then the real trick begins when eight defencemen need to get shoehorned into six jobs. No matter how that’s done, someone won’t like it.

[ripping sound]

[much louder ripping sound]