Two years ago today, Kyle Dubas was named the general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Since then (and before then) we’ve talked a lot about him, his vision, his process and his version of the Maple Leafs. Today’s PPP front page is a look back at what we had to say in the last two years.

Our announcement post with a lot of comments about what was to come:

Updated with press conference video: Kyle Dubas Announced As Leafs GM

I’m sneaking in my post from a few days before that looked at Dubas’s impact on the Marlies. A timely topic today as the AHL faces their biggest challenge ever:

Kyle Dubas, AHL goons, and the long, slow journey to a modern development system

By March of the next year I was very fed up with the gossip about Dubas vs Babcock and the way they’d become proxies in a culture war:

Kyle Dubas is not your Mary Sue

A few days after that, Fulemin tackled the Dubas career to date, and that got a lot of you talking:

The Complete First Year Of Kyle Dubas

Just prior to last season, Dubas did the Bob McKenzie interview:

Kyle Dubas sits down with Bob McKenzie to talk about patience

And then Fulemin talked about the Marner contract and Dubas:

Mitch Marner And Mr. Nice Guy

And finally, after the hiatus began, Fulemin looked hard at Dubas’s second year:

The Unfinished Second Season Of Kyle Dubas

It’s very easy to see that most of us around here — masthead, writers, commenters, occasional readers — like Dubas and think he’s done a good job. Very few people find him mistake-free, however. As expected, the tone of the approval changes over time as reality overtakes expectations. It’s worth going back and seeing the pace of change Dubas brought to the AHL when he ran that and compare it to what looks like a more rapid overhaul of the Leafs.

After two years of moves, mistakes and occasional miracles, Dubas enters an uncertain future at the helm of the Leafs with some more big decisions ahead of him. And he still hasn’t found a superstar top pairing defender to play with Morgan Rielly.

What would you like to see Dubas do once there is an actual offseason for trades and free agent signings? Do you think that unicorn 1RD is out there? Do you think he needs to make a big trade out of the top six? Do you think he just needs to put Nick Robertson in the NHL and then wait for glory? Or is there some bigger issue he hasn’t addressed yet?