Remember all that excitement about the Toronto Maple Leafs' new logo? Of course you do, it hasn't died. Ever since it was announced the Leafs would be changing things up for their centennial, speculation has run rampant, and even included fan design contests.

Then, via Chris Creamer and SportsLogos, that the Leafs' new logo would be a rather retro combination, dating back to 1967 - so while crazy fan designs are fun, it looks like we're sticking with the classics, which is exactly how it should be.

But just when will we actually get to see the new logo? Well...

Get ready. Get hype. February 2nd! We'll have more on it as soon as we see it, but the great news is out there: the long wait is finally, finally almost over.

And then we can all rush to judgement in split-second reactions. I can't wait.