Mikhail Abramov is a left-shooting centre/winger who is playing for the Victoriaville Tigres in the QMJHL. He was drafted by the Leafs last summer 115th overall in the fourth round behind Nick Robertson and the still un-signed Mikko Kokkonen.

For a detailed look at Abramov’s development this season go here:

Looking at Mikhail Abramov’s remarkable transformation this season

Originally from Moscow, Abramov left the CSKA program — one that has produced a lot of talent, but consequently has rosters hard to crack — and opted for Canadian Junior. He is now in his second year in Victoriaville, and he and his team are playoff bound.

About to turn 19, Abramov is listed on Cap Friendly as having been drafted from junior hockey, meaning his rights would have expired next year. However, players are occasionally revealed to be on loan from Europe, and that makes them suddenly AHL eligible before they’re 20. There is a chance, therefore, that Abramov could be allowed to move to the Marlies next season if he doesn’t play his final junior year in Victoriaville.

While Nick Robertson is getting all the buzz for leading the OHL in goals, Abramov is 15th in the QMJHL in points, and is fifth for U19 players for points and third for goals. He is the offence for Victoriaville and has a 35 point and 16 goal lead over their second-place scorer.

His ELC will be three years in length, but the AAV and bonus structure is unknown as of now. This contract will take effect next season, and does not add to the current SPC count, and it won’t add to next year’s if he stays in junior hockey. The Leafs currently have quite a lot of wiggle room in contract space, and don’t need to worry about it.

Abramov would be eligible to join the Marlies this season on an ATO, but it is likely his junior playoff season will last longer than the Marlies will be playing hockey.