UPDATE: Hutchinson clears as expected:

Because he was designated as “waivers non-roster” he must report to the AHL within 24 hrs.

With Frederik Andersen personally announcing to the media today that he was starting against Dallas, the next step was obvious, and multiple reports confirm that Michael Hutchinson has been placed on waivers.

The Marlies currently have two goalies, so if he clears, he’ll join Joseph Woll and Kasimir Kaskisuo. It’s very common for AHL teams to run with more than two, as their NHL club keeps an extra backup or even two on hand.

Will he clear?

That’s a question that seems obvious to Leafs fans who have decided that Hutchinson is irredeemably terrible. And no one is going to claim him unless they want to keep him in the NHL, so it does seem unlikely. However, as the Leafs discovered, extra backup goalies aren’t easy to find, and you just never know with a goalie on waivers as teams are gearing up for the playoffs and fearful of injuries.

Hutchinson already has three games played for the Marlies this year, where he was excellent, finishing up with a .942 save % in three wins. If he is sent to the Marlies, he should see some game action again. Last year his performance in 23 games on the Marlies was an overwhelmingly winning record on a slightly less exciting save % of .910, which was the best of all Marlies starters.

We will know tomorrow where Hutchinson goes next. His effect on the Leafs cap situation at the moment was unimportant with large amounts of LTIR pool available, but he was taking up a roster spot.

The way this works is, he has 24 hrs to report from the moment he clears, which is easy to do with the Marlies just down the road in Belleville on Friday night.