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Day two of the 2017 NHL Draft: start time, how to watch, and more

Now that the first round is over, it’s time to really stock up on prospects.

Hamilton Bulldogs v London Knights Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Timothy Liljegren is now a Leaf!

Now it’s time to add the rest of his draft class. The Leafs have six more picks to spend today, assuming they don’t trade any of them.

2017 NHL Entry Draft Day Two
Start time: 10:00 a.m.
Broadcast: Sportsnet, NHL Network
Stream: Sportsnet Now!
Place: United Centre, Chicago

Keep up with the action with our complete list of draft picks here.

If you just want the Leafs picks, you can check them out below:

Round two: 59th
Round three: 110th
Round four: 124th
Round five: 141st
Round six: 172nd
Round seven: 203rd

If you want to track the picks already taken, SBNation has you covered:

The end of the first round showed that teams are willing to go their own way after about pick number 24. You can look at the rankings, and Bob McKenzie’s list goes past 93 with some honourable mentions, but this is where it all gets interesting, and you never know who might do something really unexpected.

We might see some pick trades today too. The Leafs have traded down before, they may do it again, but if you’re interested in looking at why teams trade up, we have an article on that too.

We’ll have coverage of every Leafs’ pick as they happen, so stay tuned.