A post expansion draft trade between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Vegas Golden Knights may have been leaked to Toronto Sun reporter Lance Hornby, or maybe he’s just not articulating his point well.  We can’t quite decide.

Okay let's first try to understand the tweet.

Reading and re-reading and discussing the tweet leads to the conclusion that Hornby is saying this would be the third trade the Maple Leafs make for a 2012 fifth round pick, the first two being Connor Carrick (Capitals) and Seth Griffith (Bruins).

So, if that's what it meant, the return to Vegas is unknown, but the Knights seem to want picks in return or, perhaps this is part of the deal for exposing Leipsic.

Another interpretation is it's a trade involving three fifth round picks: Carrick+Griffith for Miller.

I think it’s most likely that the first interpretation is the correct one.

A Bruins beat writer has chipped in as well and quotes speculation from Frank Seravalli.

Would the Maple Leafs want Miller?

He has 103 NHL games under his belt; last season was his first full one with the Bruins. He’s not a huge scorer, but we need a solid defender on the right side anyway, so that’s not important right now.

Yesterday, Dylan Fremlin of The Leafs Nation made a case for trading for Miller:

During the 2016-17 season, Miller averaged 15:48 minutes of ice-time per game, an entire second more per game than in ’15-16! He’s on pace for 15:49 next year unless they decide they gave him way too much last year and want to bring him back to where he was at the previous season. Sarcasm aside, he was given the least amount of ice-time per game among the Bruins’ relatively weak defence group last year and the only one who averaged less the year before was Joe Morrow, who only played in 17 games. That’s including the powerplay time he receives. Despite clearly not being trusted by former head coach Claude Julien and Bruins’ new bench boss Bruce Cassidy, he seems to be thriving when given the opportunity and it’s showing up in the goal differential department.

He also has nice looking charts over there that I can't make on the train so read his piece.

In their mid-season report cards Stanley Cup of Chowder said:

While principally playing in Boston’s depth, Chiller has been a bit of a revelation at both ends of the ice. Able to force players charging up the wing to the outside to avoid high-danger shots, getting the puck out under his own power, and passing generally crisp and low-danger passes to his forwards. And the opponent’s end? Right now there is no player on the team that excels at keeping the puck inside the zone from the blue line more than Chiller does. His shot’s a rather underrated level of tricky and powerful that tends to create faceoffs for Boston, if not goals, more than often.

They gave him a B+ halfway through the season and were pretty high on him.

Our own readers voted overwhelmingly for Miller out of the most likely players available out of the expansion draft.

But we still aren’t sure if this is speculation or if there’s some meat to this rumour.

That follow up seems to indicate Hornby just isn’t very good with words.

Without knowing the return or even if this is real, are you interested in Colin Miller?

Should the Maple Leafs trade for Colin Miller

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