Expansion Draft

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Coverage of the recent expansions drafts.

NHL Trade rumors: Are the Toronto Maple Leafs trading for Colin Miller?

Vegas could be the middleman to nab a defenseman from the Bruins for the Leafs.

The all ex-Toronto Maple Leafs exposed player team

What kind of team can we make from exposed ex-Leafs?

Is there a good trade opportunity with Vegas?

It’s fine to say that Lou Lamoriello and George McPhee are talking, but who are they talking about?

Maple Leafs in process of making a deal with Vegas per report

Travel delays are holding up the process.

Did Florida successfully split the D with their protection list?

You can make a side deal for protection, or you can set up a Gordian knot the Vegas deal makers can’t untangle.

Prowling the Unprotected List for Leafs Targets

Who can the Leafs work with Vegas to get?

2017 NHL expansion draft: Toronto Maple Leafs exposed players

Here you go Vegas, a buffet of....well something

Trade deadline part deux was worse than the original

What was that trade freeze non-frenzy all about, anyway?

Columbus Blue Jackets have made a deal with Vegas: report

They are paying an extortionate price to hold onto all of the players they can’t protect. Is this a good idea?

I have trade envy.

I’m not sure that trade makes any sense for Montréal, and I still have envy.

Trade freezes and gag orders: how the modern NHL works

In an effort to make it fair for Vegas, the league has thrown a veil of secrecy over the entire pre-expansion draft period.

Waive goodbye to your old team, wave hello to Vegas?

What is all this talk of waiving no-movement clauses?

Who can Vegas select in the expansion draft?

They can’t just take whoever they like, they have rules to follow too.

What approach should the Leafs take to the expansion draft?

There are so many possible scenarios, it’s easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees.

Do’s and Don’ts for the Vegas Golden Knights

There are some things every team needs to know

NHL announces more expansion draft rules

They include some fun-dampening measures that will cut down on the opportunities for chaos.

The expansion draft related trades Vegas can make

What can we expect from the NHL’s newest team.

Who will the Leafs lose in the expansion draft?

Pick who you’d be okay with losing.

Shopping for defencemen just got more complicated

Anaheim has some injury woes potentially taking defenders off the market, but they aren’t the only store that sells D.

Expansion draft timeline and other key dates in the off-season for the Maple Leafs

Once the playoffs are wrapped up, we can get to the real fun.

Vegas Golden Knights send a message with Vadim Shipachyov signing

They want real players who can compete at the top level in the NHL. So naturally my mind turns to Joffrey Lupul.
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