The Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Philadelphia Flyers 5-2 at home following a big group effort from the team. 10 players took home points, with William Nylander and Ilya Mikheyev each having two, meanwhile Jack Campbell made 36 saves on 38 shots in a big performance for him. However, the big gem of the night was Jason Spezza, Mark Giordano, and Wayne Simmonds gifting Webster’s a new definition for the word “vintage” with a slick, smooth, classy goal that ended up being the game-winner. The go-give-give-and-go goal was Spezza’s 992nd career point, with five games left in his career, possibly.

Timothy Liljegren, William Nylander, David Kämpf, and Ilya Mikheyev (ENG) also scored alongside Spezza, with Nylander breaking his career high in goals with 32.

First Period

Wayne Simmonds had the first big chance of the game with a backhand from a Rielly centering feed, but Martin Jones stretched out and stopped him with the pad.

Engvall drew a penalty on Yandle to send the Leafs to the first power play. Marner, Rielly, and Nylander were at the axis points and looked like they were having a fun game of catch as they worked for a lane. Didn’t quite get there in the end. Nylander was getting three guys collapsing on him when it came to a shooting lane and they weren’t budging from their formation. The second unit was also pushed out of the zone.

After another uninspiring power play, Kämpf took a penalty to send the Leafs to the penalty kill. Fun fact, the Leafs penalty kill has been scoring more goals than the Flyers power play for most of the season. Travis Yost had an incredible tweet on it earlier in the day. So the Leafs have been struggling on the power play, but it honestly could be much much worse.

And like clockwork, Blackwell got a rush chance shorthanded off the opening draw and made a good move to nearly score.

I thought the Leafs were having a good first period, and probably should’ve had the lead, but damn if Jack Campbell wasn’t having to make lots of saves to keep the Flyers at bay. Poor coverage from the forwards and body position from the defense on the Leafs. I think Lyubushkin has fallen off a lot since he first arrived.

After One

A good first period from the Leafs on the boxscore (17-11 shots), but they were definitely looking shaky when having to deal with rebounds in front of their own net. Lots of players were getting shots, which tells me the the offensive system was working well and the work was being done by committee. That works when the three forward stars are spread across three lines. I’m not sure how efficient it is, but I’m sure an offensive coach would like it.

Second Period


The Nylander, Kerfoot, Engvall line scored yet again, this time with Kerfoot slipping through on the forecheck and finding a wide open Liljegren jumping down as the fourth attacker. The rookie defender had all the time in the world to spike the top corner.


Damn you, Species. JVR makes Lyubushkin look silly as he ties the game for the Flyers. I mentioned earlier that he was looking real slow both mentally and physically on the ice. I don’t think he can keep up with the pace.


Goal 32 for William Nylander on the power play! I definitely agree with Willy, I thought he had more!

After some penalties for both sides, we got some 4v4, starting with Nylander and Marner together!


DAMN WHIPPERSNAPPERS! Jason Spezza, to Wayne Simmonds, back to Spezza, over to Mark Giordano, back to Spezza on the back door, SCORES!! The 2000s are calling, they’re looking for some missing All-Stars.

After Two

An opening goal from Liljegren, a power play goal from Nylander, and a closing goal from Spezza ended a relatively closer period on the shot clock, but a big period on the scoreboard. The Flyers were getting lots of shots on net, so the shot clock was one-sided, but the Leafs were way ahead in the quality of chances (scoring chances 18-9).

Lyubushkin probably looked the worst of the bunch in the defensive zone, meanwhile Campbell was playing very well. The intermission panel said he has “jump” in the net when he’s on, and I think that’s pretty accurate.

Third Period

The Leafs got an early power play and nearly scored on it again, but some weird bounces foiled them. Meanwhile Nylander is just automatic on zone entries, eh?

Kevin Connauton of the Flyers left the game early down the hallway after this collision.

Say it with me, “Power Kill!”

JVR nearly got another goal in front of the net. I miss him.


Kämpf scores on a deflection! Lyubushkin’s point shot deflected off Kämpf, then it looked like it went off Nylander before finding the back of the net, but it ended up going off the Flyers foot instead. Engvall, Kämpf, and Mikheyev did great work around the boards to keep possession and make the change happen.

BUNTING AND TAVARES CAN’T BUY A GOAL IN THIS GAME as Bunting has a wide open net but the puck just doesn’t bounce its way in. Frustrating, especially in a 4-1 game where you need as much of a cushion as possible.


Ronnie Attard rips a shot to the top shelf on the short side to make the game moderately interesting in the final few minutes. Good shot from him.

Boosh got into a fight, but otherwise, ballgame.