Toronto's PWHL team headed by GM Gina Kingsbury has released their 2023-24 training camp roster ahead of the season beginning in January. Camp begins on November 15th.

The roster is sorted into three groups: Free Agent Signings (3), PWHL Draft Picks (15), Training Camp Invites (12), making a total of 30 players at camp. Final rosters with a requirement of 23 players (plus two reserves) are to be set by December 11th, following a pair of waivers periods. A reminder, trades are not allowed until the first game is played and the season begins.

Toronto's Camp Roster

Forwards (15) 

Bach, Victoria (Drafted 7-38) 

Cogan, Samantha (Camp Invite) 

Compher, Jesse (Drafted 5-26) 

Connors, Maggie (Drafted 11-62) 

Howard, Brittany (Drafted 8-47) 

Jones, Jess (Camp Invite) 

Leslie, Rebecca (Drafted 12-71) 

Maltais, Emma (Drafted 2-11) 

Miller, Hannah (Drafted 13-74) 

Nurse, Sarah (Signed FA) 

Spooner, Natalie (Drafted 4-23) 

Turnbull, Blayre (Signed FA) 

Vasko, Alexa (Drafted 14-83) 

Wabick, Morgan (Camp Invite)  

Willoughby, Kaitlin (Camp Invite) 

 Defenders (10) 

Channell, Mellissa (Drafted 10-59) 

Fast, Renata (Signed FA) 

Flanagan, Kali (Drafted 6-35) 

Keenan, Emma (Camp Invite) 

Knowles, Olivia (Drafted 15-86) 

Kondas, Jessica (Camp Invite) 

Larocque, Jocelyne (Drafted 1-2) 

Munroe, Allie (Drafted 9-50) 

Rougeau, Lauriane (Camp Invite) 

Wabick, Taylor (Camp Invite) 

Goaltenders (4) 

Campbell, Kristen (Drafted 3-14) 

Howe, Erica (Camp Invite) 

Jackson, Carly (Camp Invite) 

Mäkelä, Amanda (Camp Invite)  


From the PWHL press release:

First Waiver Window - November 30 to December 2:

Training Camp rosters must be reduced to a maximum of 27 players by Nov. 29, prior to the commencement of the first Waiver Window. The league will then inform teams of all eligible players for this Waiver Window, and teams may contact eligible players with the intent to offer them a contract.

Second Waiver Window – December 8 to December 10:

Prior to the commencement of the second Waiver Window, teams will provide the league with a final list of Training Camp releases for circulation to all teams. A team’s list of released players will include any undrafted player not offered a Standard Player Agreement by the club. Any Waiver eligible player may be contacted by teams and offered contracts ahead of the final roster deadline.