First Period

Simon Benoit sends the puck over the glass with 49 seconds played. Avs to the power play.

Mitch Marner controls the puck at first, but once the Avs set up they just play the Leafs like a pinball machine, and no one can get the puck and clear it. The goal is not a surprise.

1-0 Avs

Leafs are struggling defensively to keep up with the rapid passing of the Avs. Colorado's best players seem content to move the puck, not their bodies, and it's working for them as the Leafs are rushing around chasing the puck.

Brodie falls down in the neutral zone, then Matthews. It's about the 10th time someone in the black jerseys has gone down. This is the one that's concerning:

MacKinnon just outskates everyone here, to make this happen:

2-0 Avs

Tyler Bertuzzi falls down too, but he had help so Ross Colton sits down.

He makes the most of the opportunity the power play presents.

2-1 Avs

Oh, how did that not go in!


This game is still in reach because of that last save.

Corsi is two off from even, but the Leafs are not getting near the net. And the Avs may seem static and like they just play PP styles all the time, but they end up shooting from good places.

Second Period

Benoit definitely back now, so just a numb leg on that block.

There's a lot of board battles, a lot of up and down the ice, but only one Shot on Goal after five minutes.

Samsonov has to stop a breakaway and that's the most excitement so far this period.

I was enjoying the quiet, guys. Samsonov loses his stick, and yet someone is there to help him.

A Samsonovian Spin-a-rama to save the day.

Bad fourth line shift from Toronto.

John Tavares gets some superline time, and a super chance. No joy, though.

The mess in front of Samsonov is epic:

William Nylander and Max Domi get a break, but it's the guy coming up behind them who gets his second of the night. So very many narratives in for a rewrite tonight.

Tie Game

Oh my! A beautiful goal from Marner as Matt Knies does the net-front job.

3-2 Toronto

Auston Matthews acting as the magician's assistant on this one.

Georgiev with a save on Matthews and with seconds left, that's this period over.


This period was dullsville until the second half when it became the Samsonov and Bertuzzi redemption hour. Or, 10 minutes, anyway.

Corsi in the second is identical to the first, but the Leafs flipped the Expected Goals number to their favour.

They found the front of the net, in other words.

Third Period

Another period, another long stretch where the Leafs can't control the puck and get out of their own zone. The Avs are just better tonight at keeping the play alive.

The goal is not a surprise (again).

Tie Game

Someone might win this game 6-3, or it might go to a shootout. It's impossible to tell with 10 minutes left.

Morgan Rielly just checked Samsonov behind the net.

Leafs try to exit, turn back. Try to exit, turn back. Try to exit and the results is a fourth line offensive shift that is really excellent. Pontus Holmberg making them all look good.

Disclaimer: I'm posting this because it's funny. No one should assume I have deep ulterior motives.

Almost worked from whom?

Leafs should try playing with the puck, though. I hear that works.

Oh, ho. The Avs return the puck over glass favour. And the Leafs get a power play with four minutes left.

Whoooooo Hooooooo. Hat Trick Go Ahead Goal.

4-3 Leafs


Avs pull Georgiev and pour on the offence.

Rielly hit in the ear/neck by a puck. The ref blows it dead. Rielly seems okay.

Leafs win by turning the final minute into a very long scrum against the boards until they finally clear it.

Tavares can't control the puck on an ENG attempt.

Leafs Win!