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Trade and contract rumours and speculation.

2 Hubs are Better Than 4

Or so it now seems to the NHL.

KHL May Day Rumour Roundup

All 2019-2020 KHL contracts have now expired, and some of those players will sign in the NHL

NHL News and 1 Rumour

If I were evil, I’d have called that a Sandin Rumour in the headline. But it is a Sandin rumour.

There’s an actual Maple Leafs hockey rumour!

Of such small things, are these made.

Insider Trading asks: is Tyson Barrie on the market?

The Leafs have a game, so naturally Insider Trading leads with Leafs news. Hey, they gotta pay the bills, too.

Confirmed: Maple Leafs trade Trevor Moore to LA for Kyle Clifford and Jack Campbell

Elliotte Friedman drops the goalie bomb after the Leafs lay a big egg.

Maple Leafs are in the market for a right-shooting defender with term

Well, I never. I don’t think we’ve ever had an article at PPP on this topic.

HNIC says the Maple Leafs want to make some asset value trades

Not the same asset value trades they wanted to make a few weeks ago. These are all new offers.

Report — Maple Leafs extend Alexander Kerfoot for four years

Kyle Dubas locks up another young player to a good term.

Contradictory rumours of Nazem Kadri trades today

This might all come down to the semantic difference between ‘shopping’ and ‘listening’

Maple Leafs are expected to sign Nick Shore

Last summer he was on everyone’s list of depth additions the Leafs should consider, and he ended up... well, that’s a story.

Connor Brown to be included in the Zaitsev-Ceci trade

Now all we’re waiting for is his signing bonus to be paid tomorrow.

Nikita Zaitsev to be traded to Ottawa — Report

Elliotte Friedman says this deal could happen soon.

Report: Leafs close to a deal with RFA Kasperi Kapanen

Stick that on your trade bait list, Insiders!

Kyle Dubas answers some burning trade-related questions

Funny, but no one wanted to know his thoughts on draft picks all that much.

Report has Kyle Dubas saying to the other GMs: Call me, maybe

And he’s listening on some players we don’t want traded.

Sparks on the block?

Pierre LeBrun says yes.

Nikita Zaitsev trade rumour roundup

With bonus Jake Gardiner talk, and some transcripts of who said what, exactly.

Patrick Marleau wants to go home

Now it’s not a clever scheme the Leafs need to clear that cap space, it’s just a clever trade.

Are the Maple Leafs trying to trade Patrick Marleau to the Kings?

Pierre LeBrun says they’ve talked, so who do you want back, Phaneuf or Kovalchuk?
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