Hannah Miller – that's with two h's, two n's, two l's – and two goals last night for PWHL Toronto in a heartbreaking 3-2 loss at home against Boston.

Loren Gabel, from Kitchener, scored twice in what can only be described as a clap back against being kept off the CANWNT. Gabel's second goal came with two minutes left in the third in a tied game and was super annoying.

Toronto is at the bottom of the PWHL standings after five games, and their chances of making the playoffs have been shrinking, according to Dom. However, the team's play from the beginning of the season has improved greatly. They're passing better, they're getting more chances, and they're regularly out-shooting their opponents. For example, they out-shot Boston 32-22 in this game.

The aspects of the game that have been hurting Toronto the most have been rush chances from neutral zone turnovers. Sometimes they have gotten caught on the wrong side of the puck, and way more of those moments than expected have ended up in the back of the net.

When looking at wec's shooting and saving chart (found in the preview and comments section), Toronto are definitely getting hosed. Will it be able to turn around within the 24-game season? Are tactical adjustments needed?

PWHL Preview: Boston at Toronto
Two teams with disappointing starts go head-to-head. Who gets to turn things around?


PWHL - Professional Women’s Hockey League

What we do know is Sarah Nurse looks pretty good up the middle. Turnbull and Compher look better pushed down the lineup at centre. And Natalie Spooner is putting this team on her back.

Onto the Leafs, it was an off-day as they get set to play Calgary tonight at 9pm. Here's Sheldon's unofficial response to the calls for him to be fired during a three-game losing streak. It's a great question, don't you think.

Speaking of reliability. Max Domi is garbage for bad teams to push around.

The Conundrum of Max Domi
How do you solve a problem like Max Domi?

Here are Minten's two goals from last night, along with an assist from Noah Chadwick.

Would anyone like to grab one of these for Seldo?