Boston at Toronto – 7:00 p.m. ET – Mattamy Athletic Centre
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Boston is behind on games played, as they were the other victim of the weather-cancelled game. With only two in the books, they like Ottawa last time, are hard to get a handle on. They have one win in overtime and one regulation loss.

Their first loss was a comprehensive goalie-ing by Minnesota's Nicole Hensley who let in only two goals on 35 shots. Minnesota's usual suspects: Taylor Heise and Grace Zumwinkle added enough offence on 16 total SOG.

Boston's overtime win was against Montréal in a game where they were outshot dramatically and managed only two SOG in the third period tied at two-all.

They have big names on offence: Hilary Knight, Alina Müller and Hanna Brandt, but it's Jamie Lee Rattray, Team Canada's Swiss Army knife player, who is bringing the points so far.

They are almost as low event as Ottawa, but their first game showed they can generate offence.


Toronto has had bad goaltending from Kristen Campbell, made worse by defensive miscues. They've also had some heavy offensive work go unrewarded. Natalie Spooner is their best player too much of the time, and the first line isn't as good as they can be.

They need to shoot more, they need to be tougher on the puck, and they need to get some saves. The goals will come.


The Game

This is a battle of the bottom feeders. Both teams have underperformed their expectations, and in a very short season, you don't have much time to get it together. Someone is going to get a very much-needed win tonight.

I feel like Toronto is really the stronger team, but we'll see what happens.

Please say thank you to wec for getting the data and making these charts. We don't have shot locations but maybe someday the league will add some detail to the gamesheets. Until then, these are cool.