The PWHL is ready to take Toronto by storm with the inaugural roster officially announced for the team.

The Roster

Sarah Nurse - Blayre Turnbull - Natalie Spooner
Emma Maltais - Jesse Compher - Rebecca Leslie
Maggie Connors - Hannah Miller - Brittany Howard
Samantha Cogan - Alexa Vasko - Kaitlin Willoughby
Jess Jones (LW)

Jocelyn Larocque - Renata Fast
Allie Munroe - Kali Flanagan
Lauriane Rougeau - Olivia Knowles
Maude Poulin-Labelle (LD)

Kristen Campbell
Erica Howe
Carly Jackson

Reserve List Players
Victoria Bach (LW), Emma Keenan (LD), Jess Kondas (RD)

We have updated the roster for Toronto, as seen on our Spreadsheet.

PWHL Rosters and Salaries - Google Drive

Most of the roster is the same from the preseason, except the addition of a new face, Maude Poulin-Labelle, who was drafted 55th overall by Montreal in September but not signed. She joins the defense as the fourth defender on the left side.

Mellissa Channell, who was drafted 59th overall by Toronto, ended up getting a contract with Minnesota.

The fourth goalie at camp, Amanda Mäkelä, didn't end up making the reserve list.

Rosters are 23 players, and they must stay at 23 all season. This can be facilitated through short-term contracts to the reserve players, who get paid $15k for being on the reserve list. Being cut doesn’t mean you won’t play for the team at some point or earn a full contract.

Victoria Bach is one such example as she is set to miss the first month of the season as she finishes her teaching degree, but is likely to sign a contract for the rest of the season once she is available.

When it comes to injuries, one player is allowed on the season-ending injured list, and two are allowed on the short-term injured list, hence three reserve players.

You can find the full rosters on the PWHL website below: