NHL Central Scouting has a neat list of the top 25 results in all the fitness tests at the 2017 Scouting Combine.

VO2max, the aerobic bike test, was won by Kailer Yamamoto, who finished in the top 25 of a lot of tests.  It’s not winning, really, but you know that’s how these guys think of it.

The biggest wingspan belonged to Isaac Ratcliffe, a kind of under-the-radar player who is just below the Leafs’ range in rankings.  The second biggest is Keith Petruzzelli, who is a goalie—a sign of the times, if ever there was one.

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The pullup crown is split three ways, with one of the top two prospects in the group, you’ll have to go look to find out who.  Yamamoto is in the group that did 12, behind the winners’ 13.

The Wingate bike test has three different results shown, so if you’re an expert on interpreting that data, it might mean something to you, but the peak power output winner is Joshua Norris, another name that shows up over and over again.  Yamamoto is third.

Dayton Rasmussen had the best bench press result.  Don’t confuse him with Michael Rasmussen, the large forward; this Rasmussen is a goalie, who isn’t slight, so he was benching a decent amount of weight.

Another name that shows up a lot is Jaret Anderson-Dolan, who is a teammate of Yamamoto’s.  It seems like the training regimen in Spokane is good.

Check out the list for your sleeper favourite and be happy if he has a good left grip strength or vertical jump. After all, that’s how you judge a player, right?