Hello, Toronto hockey fans, tonight is a special night. Not only do the Maple Leafs have a game at a reasonable hour, the Furies are in playoff action later tonight too.

The Leafs hit the ice sometime after 7:00 on HNIC to face the Oilers.

The preview is here for you:

Game preview: Maple Leafs head to Edmonton; will try to smuggle Connor home

This update to the Oilers lines came late today:

Naz is back, but the fourth line is in flux, so we’ll only know for sure who’s in at warmup time.

Meanwhile, down the road in Calgary, the Toronto Furies are getting ready to face the Calgary Inferno in game two of their best of three playoff series. The Furies won game one because Natalie Spooner is one of the best hockey players currently playing in this country. She was a dominant force, and played a number of minutes that McDavid would wince at.

CWHL Playoffs: Toronto Furies win game one!

Game one was so much fun, though. The Furies are this hybrid of a tough defensive team that also has elite skill on the front end. They might not have the stuff to win a possession battle with the Inferno, but they have the stuff to outscore them. Oh, and a really hot goalie.

Tonight the Furies are the ‘home’ team, giving them a better shot at locking up a spot in the Clarkson Cup Final in Toronto on March 24. The game is available on the CWHL website to stream for free. The start time is listed at 8:45 Toronto time, so the Leafs need to play a fast game without any whistles.

The Markham Thunder need to win tonight to keep alive against the Montréal Canadiennes, and their game goes at 6 p.m.

Go Toronto (and GTA) Teams Go!