Toronto Maple Leafs (15-4-2) @ Edmonton Oilers (14-8-0)

Leafs Game #22
7:00 p.m. ET
Watch on: CBC, Sportsnet, City, TVAS, NHLN
Opponent’s site: Copper and Blue

Here’s our preview of tonight’s Auston Matthews-less game, with the updated lineups to fill his vacancy.

Preview: Leafs go west for 3 Games vs the Oilers

How will the Leafs do without Auston Matthews tonight?

Piece of cake. Tavares is there and, yes, he is still good. He will prove it tonight.37
Matthews isn’t gone. He’s going to use his steely gaze to will the Leafs to victory from the pressbox.20
Yikes. Now where did I put that bottle of bourbon?16
This will be a very Leafy game where somehow they win 6-5 with Zach Bogosian scoring the game winning goal and then we’ll all scream.32