Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens
Game Time: 7:00 p.m. EST
Location: Waiting For A Trade Arena
Broadcast/Streaming: Hockey Night in Canada on CBC
Opponent SBNation Site: Eyes on the Prize

Preview: Maple Leafs aim to stop their skid against the Montreal Canadiens

In case you hadn’t heard all the panicked screams, the Maple Leafs have lost four of their past 10 games, including the last three in a row (salvaging one loser point in a overtime). Everyone sounds terrified right now that another eighteen-wheeler off a cliff scenario is in progress.

The Leafs sit at third place in the division in a regular playoff slot behind the Bruins and the Lightning. They are being chased by the Habs who are three points behind. If the Habs win tonight, and then pass the Leafs by earning more points this week, the Leafs could fall to a Wild Card playoff spot. That’s dangerous territory, however finishing the season there would mean instead of playing the Bruins in the first round of the playoffs, the Leafs would likely face the New York Islanders and the Habs would instead be the team sacrificed to the Bruins in the first round.

I’m not sure which is the better outcome by the game theory and expected goal models, but for tonight I will lean to “fuck the Habs,” and say we should humiliate them tonight on our home ice.

Toronto Marlies @ Syracuse Crunch
Game Time: 7:00 p.m. EST
Location: Onondoga County War Memorial Arena

The Marlies lost a sleeper game to the Crunch 1-0 in OT last night. They are looking to win tonight to keep up that points percentage and hang on to their playoff spot.

Toronto Furies vs. Worcester Blades
Game Time: 6:00 p.m. EST
Location: Mastercard Centre

The Furies regular season is about to wrap up and they will be heading to the playoffs soon! Stay tuned for more details.


Which is the more palatable option to you if it came down to the last game of this season?

Habs win, pass the Leafs in the standings, and face the Bruins in the first round while the Leafs draw the Islanders.37
Leafs win the game, keep their pride, but face the Bruins in the first round of the playoffs while the Habs face the Islanders.54