Earlier this season the Toronto Maple Leafs were described as a team not worth investing in. People were questioning whether they should be buyers at the deadline, if they had earned the right to have top quality players join them for a playoff push. Now the Leafs are winners. A seven game win streak, a 9-3 February, wins over playoff teams and cup favorites.

So, with two games remaining until the trade deadline, the team needs to pull together and prove they're worth investing in.

An uneventful start to the first period sees the Maple Leafs only put four shots on net in the first ten minutes of the period. This would seem bad, but the Buffalo Sabres had none. Zero. Playing like this won't help their decade long playoff drought.

Matthew Knies tries to keep it interesting, but it's not enough to keep the crowd on their feet.

The newly returned Calle Järnkrok fights his way from the blueline, through the Sabres to face Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen; he sets up Bobby McMann but there's no goal on the play.

The Sabres finally figure out their game, and start attacking the net. They get four shots off before Timothy Liljegren is called for hooking Kyle Okposo.

The Maple Leafs penalty kill is playing the Sabres power play very well, blocking passing lanes, clearing the zone, and David Kämpf and William Nylander breakout, but Nylander falls behind and Kämpf kills time in the Sabres zone, but no good play occurs.

No shots for Buffalo, Ilya Samsonov is proving he can handle a long period without too much work, and we go back to five on five. Samsonov makes a save, but there's a review of the play to see if he made the save too far back in the crease, and behind the goal line. The review determines it did not cross, and we star scoreless.

With the Sabres picking up their offense, the first period ends 0-0, with the Sabres leading in shots 9-6.

While not boring, it was a mostly uneventful first period. Nothing to complain about the Leafs first twenty minutes.

The second period is a continuation of the first, only one shot each for the first few minutes, back and forth play. Until William Nylander is able to take advantage of good positioning, and solid passing from his team mates, and he scores from high up and makes it 1-0 Toronto.

As the game has been going, the Sabres keep up with the Leafs and Victor Olofsson scores after taking advantage of a Leaf and Sabre getting tangled at the blue line, and coming in one on one with Morgan Rielly, and is able to beat him and Samsonov to tie the game.

The Leafs get a chance to take the lead back after Rasmus Dahlin gets called for hooking Calle Järnkrok. No goals there for Toronto, a rather uneventful power play, as the theme of the game continues.

After a couple shifts at even strength, Liljegren is called for his second penalty of the game, holding on Peyton Krebs. The Leafs penalty kill is much more offensive minded this time, and the Leafs get a few chances with the crowds "oooohhh" ing as William Nylander dances in the Sabres zone, but UPL keeps the puck out.

The second period ends tied at one apiece, the game has been perfectly fine, and enjoyable.

Consistency is key, and this game is it. The third period plays like the first, like the second. Solid hockey, good chances, nothing glaringly horrible, no big mistakes. Safe. Worth investing in.

The Leafs play the Sabres hard, catch up to them in shots, which is surprising considering the first 15 minutes of the game, but they push for offense while not giving up defensively. They want to win but don't want to lose more.

The Sabres gain nothing but a win. They always play Toronto like the cup is on the line because they have so very little joy in their lives as hockey players in Buffalo. They need this, they don't want to lose, no matter how beneficial it will be for the team. The pride isn't enough, as the Leafs control the puck through the third period, and now lead in shots halfway to the end.

Auston Matthews and Matthew Knies team up for a late chance to win the game, with Knies shooting while falling, but UPL is on top of his game and doesn't get distracted by dramatics.

The horn goes, the Leafs guarantee a point, and we're off to overtime.

The Sabres start overtime on the offensive, with a wrap around goal testing Samsonov early, but Matthews grabs the rebound and heads right back the other way. A line change gets the Leafs on defense, but again they take the rebound to the Buffalo end. The two teams trade rushes for half of overtime before they slow things down and try to set up more plays.

This works more in the Sabres favour, but the only issue with the Sabres plans is Ilya Samsonov, who stands strong against the peppering of shots and makes a dramatic glove save on Tage Thompson that gets the crowd on their feet.

The Leafs regroup, take the play to the Sabres end where Matthews and Marner play with the puck, work their magic and team up to get Auston Matthews goal number 54, and yet another overtime winner for his record book.

The Maple Leafs win a very good game against the Buffalo Sabres in a can't miss overtime period.

Don't celebrate too hard tonight boys, you're heading to Boston tomorrow night for some payback against the Bruins.

See you then!