Toronto Maple Leafs (2-1-1) vs. Tampa Bay Lightning: (1-1-1)
Leafs Game #5
Start Time: 7:00 p.m.
Broadcast/Streaming: Sportsnet (regional blackouts in effect)

Here’s our preview of the game.

Game five preview: Lightning strikes Toronto

Steven Stamkos hasn’t been happy with his team. After a game where they had historically low shots on goal—literally zero in one period—he gave the classic passive aggressive Professional Hockey Captain speech to the media within earshot of his “freewheeling” teammates. While he was ostensibly talking about the game, he was really speaking in Team Dad voice, saying “I’m so disappointed in you kids.”

Thank goodness he turned down the job to be captain here in Toronto. We have the much cooler Team Dad. The inattentive ‘working late again tonight’ dad, John Tavares. He’s too busy doing hockey related work at home at night to care what his kids are up to in the rec room, as long as it doesn’t involve breaking something (glares at Kapanen). Our freewheeling team can come into games and win because they’re skilled left, right and centre. No discipline from Team Dad required.

Well maybe some on his left (glares at Kapanen).

How many shots on goal will the Lightning have against the Leafs in second period?

More than 1.5
So few that Stamkos cancels pizza after the game.10
All of the shots because they are playing the Leafs and this will be their best game of the season somehow and oh boy stay off Twitter tonight after the game.34