Toronto Maple Leafs vs New York Rangers
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: The arena named after a bank whose headquarters is two blocks up the street and not in Nova Scotia
Broadcast/Streaming: Hockey Night in Canada
Opponent SBNation Site: Blueshirt Banter

Our Game Preview with projected lineups is here.

Everyone is talking about William Nylander and when is he going to get his first goal since finally signing his new contract. I say it will be tonight. If there’s one thing Willie knows, it’s Swedish goalies. He knows Lundqvist inside and out. His shot can easily penetrate a goalie with whom he is so initimately familiar. He’s scoring tonight. I think he’s scoring a lot. What do you think?

Will Nylander get his first goal tonight?

Tonight is the night. He’s in the mood for dance.24
He’ll get his first and second. He’s the dancing Swede!7
Snizzbone will score a hat trick, having the time of his life!4
No. I am Henrik Lundqvist and I hate ABBA.18

Come on, Willie. We’re all counting on you to score tonight.

Happy birthday to Travis Dermott!